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Ross Lagerwall Nick Mathewson
Ross Lagerwall

Just underneath libevent-1.4.14b, there is the text:
which looks like it doesn't belong there.

Also, Mozilla (i.e. firefox & thunderbird) is using libevent now ( which could be added to the list of notable users of libevent.


Ross Lagerwall

For what it's worth, Mozilla appears to also include an internal libevent 1.4.7 taken from Chromium's internal copy (in addition to being able to use the system one)

Nick Mathewson

Fixed the website. For what it's worth, you can also file bugs or pull requests against the website at the libevent/ repository.

Grepping the ff11 source now... From what I can tell, Libevent is only used in firefox from within the ipc/chromium submodule, which seems to be automatically re-copied from a local copy of the Chromium source. I don't want to just say "Mozilla uses Libevent", since people might get the idea that Mozilla uses Libevent as its main networking event loop, which doesn't appear to be the case... but I'm having a hard time characterizing how firefox actually uses this code.

Azat Khuzhin azat referenced this issue from a commit in azat/libevent
Azat Khuzhin azat evdns: use evdns_base->global_requests_* instead of nameserver->activ…

As Nick adviced. (#51)

nameserver->active_requests is used only with
Azat Khuzhin azat referenced this issue from a commit in azat/libevent
Azat Khuzhin azat evdns: delete event for nameserver struct in request_finished().
As Nick notice, without this patch, with
EVDNS_BASE_DISABLE_WHEN_INACTIVE, the only way for a request to no
longer be active is by getting a reply (which is false: it can also
timeout, or get canceled, and I'm not sure those are the only ways).

Pull request #51
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