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Nick's libevent manual
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Latest commit 9e9e524 @nmathewson Merge pull request #27 from klondi/patch-1
Make server_fd non blocking
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bin Make the build_examples script warn more loudly about stuff it is not…
example_stubs Make the examples build without warnings
examples_01 Fix typo in 01_rot13_server_select.c
examples_R6 Show how to print a dns error on failure
examples_R6a Style and correctness fixes on SSL locking example code.
examples_R8 Note API changes and clarifications from 2.0.8-rc
examples_R9 Make server_fd non blocking
notes Regenerate my identifier-list file, and note evbuffer_readln() backport
.gitignore Add ssl echo server example to the example build system; remove dupli…
00_about.txt Updates for 2.1.2-alpha.
01_intro.txt Don't contradict referencing sentence in footnote
LibeventBook.txt Add a more liberal license for the example source.
Makefile workaround missing XML DTD error in Mac OS X
Ref0_meta.txt Revise sections up to Ref5 for 2.0.3-alpha.
Ref1_libsetup.txt Updates for 2.1.2-alpha.
Ref2_eventbase.txt Updates for 2.1.2-alpha.
Ref3_eventloop.txt Added missing bracket in Ref3_eventloop.txt
Ref4_event.txt Fix the inconsistency of callback function naming in the evsignal_new…
Ref5_evutil.txt Fix some typos
Ref6_bufferevent.txt Explain bufferevent_socket_connect(bev, NULL, 0)
Ref6a_advanced_bufferevents.txt Make the build_examples script warn more loudly about stuff it is not…
Ref7_evbuffer.txt Updates for 2.1.2-alpha.
Ref8_listener.txt Fix an extraneous word; spotted by roxlu
Ref9_dns.txt Fix another semi-automatically detected typo
TOC.txt Typo and formatting fixes
event_states.png Add event-state diagram
event_states.svg Add event-state diagram
license.txt Update copyright dates
license_bsd.txt Update copyright dates
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