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Latest commit 8005f74 Sep 6, 2012 @rosslagerwall rosslagerwall Fix typo in 01_rot13_server_select.c
Erroneously resetting n_written and buffer_used back to 1 would
leave a gap at the beginning of the buffer, filled with the very
first character that was received.
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01_rot13_server_bufferevent.c Fix a bug in the rot13-bufferevent example. Feb 25, 2010
01_rot13_server_forking.c Make the examples build without warnings Feb 2, 2010
01_rot13_server_libevent.c Add notes of libevent code that needs to be improved. Feb 8, 2009
01_rot13_server_select.c Fix typo in 01_rot13_server_select.c Sep 5, 2012
01_sync_webclient.c Initial checkin for libevent book; mostly example code. Feb 7, 2009