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FalcomBot Cogs

Useful utilities I created for the Falcom discord, but anyone can use these ones here that are complete and functioning!


  • Topic (topic): A topic command for presenting the current topic to users, and setting the topic (allowing easier input of emojis and mentions).

    • [p]topic [channel]: Get channel topic. If omitted, use current channel.
    • [mod] [p]topic set <channel> topic: Set channel topic.
    • [mod] [p]topic amend <channel> topic: Amend to channel topic, placing new text after newline.
    • [mod] [p]topic clear [channel]: Clear channel topic. If omitted, use current channel.
  • Random Tools (randt): Commands for various randomization tasks.

    • [p]rolldice <dice>
    • [p]pick <item> <item> ...
    • [p]pickx <n> <item> <item> ...
    • [p]drawx <n> <item> <item> ...
    • [p]mix <item> <item> ...
  • FANDOM Wiki (wikia): A command to retrieve detailed, formatted preview content from a FANDOM Wiki page.

    • [p]fandom -w <subdomain> <page name>: Lookup page. "-w <subdomain>" part is optional if a default is set for a server.
    • [mod] [p]fandomset default <subdomain>: Sets the default subdomain when "-w <subdomain>" is not specified for a server.
    • [mod] [p]fandomset accentcolor <subdomain> <color>: Sets the accent color of the subdomain specified for a server.
  • Role Requests (rolereqs): A system for displaying and allowing users to request moderator-whitelisted list of roles.

    • [p]req <role_name>/[p]req add <role_name>: Request a role.
    • [p]req rem <role_name>: Remove requestable role.
    • [p]req clear: Remove all requestable roles.
    • [p]req list: List all requestable roles.
    • [mod] [p]req addrole <role_name>: Add a role to requestable.
    • [mod] [p]req remrole <role_name>: Remove a role from requestable.
    • [mod] [p]req postlist <channel>: Posts an automatically updating list of roles to a channel, for example a public one for users to see their selection.
    • [mod] [p]req massadd <limit> <channel> <role_name>: Inspect the last <limit> messages for participation and add <role_name> to the found users.
    • [mod] [p]reqset channel <channel>: [default: ] Set the channel that [p]reqset list and [p]reqset postlist reference.
    • [mod] [p]reqset max_requestable <limit>: [default: 3] Set the maximum number of requestable roles the bot allows adding to a user. A moderator can still freely apply more than set here.
    • [mod] [p]reqset auto_post_list [bool]: [default: true] Set whether post lists are updated automatically when users change their roles using [p]request.
  • Text Tools (textt): Commands for text-related manipulation or information.

    • [p]echo: Echos the given text.
    • [p]fullwidth: Turn the given text into fullwidth characters where able.
    • [p]upper: Turn the given text into uppercase characters where able.
    • [p]lower: Turn the given text into lowercase characters where able.
    • [p]uninormalize: Normalizes the given text using one of the four forms, NFC, NFD, NFKC, NFKD.
    • [p]unicode: Gives Unicode information on the character(s) given. If more than one character, gives a menu to scroll through. Can also take a U+XXXX, \xXXXX, \uXXXXX, or full Unicode name (has to be reasonably exact).
    • [p]base64: Converts the input text (UTF-8 data) into base-64.
    • [p]hex2str: Converts the input hex to a string, assuming UTF-8 encoded data.
    • [p]hex2str: Converts the input hex to a string, given a codec name.
  • ROT-13 (rot13): ROT-13 encoding and decoding system, allowing users to use an emoji react to instantly decode privately.

    • [p]rot13 <text>: Encode/decode the given text.
    • [mod] [p]req13set dm_rot13 [bool]: [default: true] Whether to DM users ROT-13ed text when they react with 🔓.
    • [mod] [p]req13set auto_react_to [str]: [default: ] If set to a non-empty string, the bot auto-reacts to messages containing the string with 🔓. Suggested usage: set it to "rot13" and let users prefix their encoded text with it and the bot allows one-tap decoding.


  1. [p]repo add falcogs
  2. [p]cog list falcogs
  3. [p]cog install falcogs <cog_name>
  4. [p]load <cog_name>
  5. [p]help <cog_name>


  • Twentysix26: Twentysix and the other developers of Red made a platform for randoms like me to add features as wanted.
  • Gu4n, Twililord, and others: Ideas on how to do Wikia and spoiler cogs.


I'm on Discord as Ribose#1423.


Useful utilities I created for the Falcom discord, generalized for any Red V3 bots.




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