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Introduction to Web Scraping with Python

NaLette Brodnax

Workshop Exercises

Part 1: Introduction

  1. Complete the one-minute poll at

Part 2: Getting the Tools

  1. Create a new script called

Part 3: Python Review

  1. Create a list called datasets with the following names as contents: airport, baseball, calcium, electricbill, and freethrows. Use print statements and references to display the following:

    • the first item in the list
    • the third and fourth items in the list
    • the second-to-last item in the list

    Create a dictionary called data_info for the airport dataset. The dataset's title is US Airport Statistics and it has 135 observations. Use a print statement and reference to display the title of dataset.

  2. Write a loop that will display each name in datasets with the extension .txt on the end.

  3. Create a function called add_extensions() that accepts a list of strings, adds '.txt' to each string in the list, and returns a list of the new strings. Try calling add_extensions() with datasets as an argument.

  4. Add a statement to import functions from the requests Python library. Use the .get() method to request the contents of the following webpage: Use a print statement to display the HTTP response code for the request.

Click here to download the code for all exercises.