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nightwatchjs_exporter runs nightwatchjs tests periodically and exports the results for

... because end-to-end testing is important, too!

Running this software

You must copy the nightwatch_json_reporter.js file from this repo to the working directory nightwatchjs_exporter will run in. This file is necessary to format nightwatch.js results such that they are easily parsed by nightwatchjs_exporter.

From Binaries

Download the most suitable binary from the releases tab.


./nightwatchjs_exporter <flags>

Building From Source

go build

You will need to resolve missing dependencies with go get.

Checking the results

Visiting http://localhost:9355/metrics will return metrics for each your nightwatch.js tests.


nightwatchjs_exporter requires nightwatch.js! First, please ensure you have a working nightwatch.js installation that can successfully run tests.

Required command-line flags

  -n, --nightwatch=<path>  REQUIRED: Path to your nightwatch executable.
  -t, --testdir=<path>     REQUIRED: Directory containing your 'nightwatch.json' file and 'tests' directory.

Optional command-line flags

The full nightwatchjs_exporter usage is:

  nightwatchjs_exporter --nightwatch=<path> --testdir=<path> [options]
  nightwatchjs_exporter --help
  nightwatchjs_exporter --version

  -n, --nightwatch=<path>  REQUIRED: Path to your nightwatch executable.
  -t, --testdir=<path>     REQUIRED: Directory containing your 'nightwatch.json' file and 'tests' directory.
  --delay=<secs>           Delay in seconds between test executions [default: 30].
  --listen=<host:port>     HTTP listen address [default: :9355].

  nightwatchjs_exporter --nightwatch=/usr/bin/nightwatch --testdir=/home/my_test_dir

Prometheus Configuration

nightwatchjs_exporter acts as a standard Prometheus target with no special configuration:

  - job_name: 'nightwatchjs'
    scrape_interval: 30s
    - targets: ['localhost:9355']


Something bugging you? Please open an Issue or Pull Request - we're here to help!

New Feature Ideas? Please open Pull Request, or consider one of these ideas:

  • Support nightwatch --env flag.
  • Support multiple nightwatch configs/test directories.
  • Support parallel test execution.

All Humans Are Equal In This Project And Will Be Treated With Respect.

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