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TCP Connection Pool for Node.js

To install:

npm install poolboy

To setup:

// import poolboy
var poolboy = require('poolboy');
// create connection pool with request port
var poolServer = poolboy.setupConnectionPool(5000);

TCP requests to port 5000 will now setup a new socket and return the socket port for a new tcp connection

Listening for new connections

// event for when a client connects to the request port and creates a new port
poolServer.on('newport',function(port) {
    console.log("new socket created on port " + port.address().port)

Manually adding new connections:

// assigns new port
var newServer = poolboy.add()
// assigns a new specific port number
var newSpecificServer = poolboy.add(1234)

Serving cross domain policy documents:

currently supports unity/flash cross domain policy format

poolboy.crossPolicyEnabled = true;
poolboy.crossPolicyPort = 8080; // defaults to 3001

Parse JSON responses:

poolboy.jsonEmitEnabled = true;

poolServer.on('newport',function(port) {
    port.on('json',function(json) {
        console.log("got a json object!",json);
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