Simple to-done list UI, with support for adding things done today and viewing past days.
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A simple to-done list UI, with support for adding things done today and viewing past days.

Suggested usage is to add a cronjob (don't forget to have the set at the top of your crontab), so you can see what you where doing last month.

And of course add what you are doing today as you go.


DynamoDB Bootstrapping

This sucker is build on DynamoDB so you'll need an AWS account, with DynamoDB enabled. Then go to and

  1. Add a table added called "donetoday", with a 2 part key
  2. Add a Primary Hash Key: "user" (type: String)
  3. Add a Primary Range Key: "date" (type: Number)

And you are good to go. Sorry about the muck - someday I'll build this bootstrapping step into the code.

Add a ~/.donetoday yaml file like this:

secret-key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
access-key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
user: myuniquehandle   # required, but really needed in multi user environments


 Switches               Default     Desc
 --------               -------     ----
 -v, --no-view, --view  false       View things done
 -d, --date             2013-02-09  The date you wish to view
 -h, --no-help, --help  false       Show help

Command line

> function donetoday {
  # obviously you'll need to alter the path to this repo
  builtin cd ~/repos/donetoday/;   
  JAVA_HOME=java lein run   -- $*
  builtin cd $PWD

> function donetoday{
  # for more day to day, not hacking. Needs drip, and a run of `lein uberjar`
  drip -jar ~/repos/donetoday/target/donetoday-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar $*

> donetoday -v -d 2013-03-09
I did this 2013-03-09:

* 1st run at donetoday
* Added --view to donetoday
* Added update to donetoday

> donetoday "Updated the readme for donetoday"


Copyright © 2013 Nathan McFarland

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.