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Simple Python script that uses Tim Sutton's mcxToProfile script to generate a .mobileconfig profile that can be installed on Sal clients, with the machine key and URL.

These scripts must be run from the Sal host, and are designed to work with the Sal Docker image, as it assumes Sal is installed in /home/docker/sal/.

Two scripts are included - a Python script to generate an individual profile, and a Bash shell script to generate all profiles for all Machine Group keys.

To use:

The Python script takes the following arguments:

  • key - The Machine Group key is required, and is generated in Sal by making a new Machine Group within a Business Unit.
  • url - The Server URL is optional, and can be specified with either -u or --url. The URL defaults to http://sal.
  • output - Output path is optional, and can be specified with either -o or --output. This can be either a folder to put profiles in, or a specific filename. The default path is com.github.salopensource.sal.mobileconfig in the current working directory.

./ <key> --url <URL>


./ yym5fuwllm2eaqucxkwzbelji81ewfs5zgxy8qyj5ytzmsheqptpd1u564z0wuv1sqokd8uhi31j2b6wnfv4kasqv4jsmujmv24jiyn8chjt538751mwhia4oyaa5nzb

./ yym5fuwllm2eaqucxkwzbelji81ewfs5zgxy8qyj5ytzmsheqptpd1u564z0wuv1sqokd8uhi31j2b6wnfv4kasqv4jsmujmv24jiyn8chjt538751mwhia4oyaa5nzb --url

./ yym5fuwllm2eaqucxkwzbelji81ewfs5zgxy8qyj5ytzmsheqptpd1u564z0wuv1sqokd8uhi31j2b6wnfv4kasqv4jsmujmv24jiyn8chjt538751mwhia4oyaa5nzb --url --output ~/Desktop/profiles/

./ yym5fuwllm2eaqucxkwzbelji81ewfs5zgxy8qyj5ytzmsheqptpd1u564z0wuv1sqokd8uhi31j2b6wnfv4kasqv4jsmujmv24jiyn8chjt538751mwhia4oyaa5nzb --url --output ~/Desktop/profiles/com.github.salopensource.sal.MachineGroupA.mobileconfig

Generating all profiles:

This also includes a handy script for generating profiles for all current Machine Group keys. Just run the script:

If you wish to generate your profiles using a different URL from the default, pass it in as the shell argument: ./ ""

It will create a com.github.salopensource.sal.<key>.mobileconfig, where <key> is the first five characters of the Machine Group key.

Then look:
ls -l | grep com.github.salopensource.sal
root@e5c8f459da53:/SalProfileGenerator# ls -l | grep com.github.salopensource.sal
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1748 Jan 28 22:10 com.github.salopensource.sal.bhan5.mobileconfig
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1748 Jan 28 22:10 com.github.salopensource.sal.cf1hg.mobileconfig

Using this with Docker:

You can either use the automated build for Sal-Profiles, which is Sal with this script incorporated, or you can add it to your Sal containers manually.

If you're adding this to an existing Sal container, follow these steps:

Clone the repo:

docker exec sal git clone /usr/local/salprofilegenerator

Since the container's already running, we can't add an environmental variable for PROFILE_PATH. You'll need to create the default output path::
docker exec sal mkdir -p /home/docker/profiles

Then, execute the script:
docker exec sal /usr/local/salprofilegenerator/

Copy the created profiles out: docker cp sal:/home/docker/profiles /path/to/profiles/folder/on/Docker/host/