Package to obtain and analyze thousands of Brazilian economic time series
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❗️ Please read this carefully before using the latest BETS version (0.4.4)

The package went through considerable changes.

BETS - Brazilian Economic Times Series


# cran version
# dev version



❗️ Important (update 0.4.2)

  1. BETS package underwent major changes in response to R Journal's reccomendations:
    • New function names (see table below)
    • Database onnection credentials are now encrypted
    • Sample data was included in /data, to allow the user to run examples even when offline, or when our server is down.
Old name New name BETSsearch
BETS.get BETSget
BETS.chart chart saveSas saveStata saveSpss
BETS.corrgram corrgram
BETS.dashboard dashboard
BETS.deflate deflate
BETS.dummy dummy
BETS.grnn.test grnn.test
BETS.grnn.train grnn.train
BETS.normalize normalize
BETS.predict predict report
BETS.sidra.get sidraGet sidraSearch
BETS.std_resid std_resid
BETS.t_test t_test
BETS.ur_test ur_test
  1. Package forecast's newest version (8.3) contains a bug in ndiffs. An error arises when trying to run Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) tests. Therefore, BETS' report function does not work properly if the user opt for SARIMA analysis with ADF tests. A solution is to install forecast 8.2:
devtools::install_version("forecast", version = "8.2", type = "source")