superproject to build a minimal system for OMAP platforms
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uomapfs: crazy lil project to make a minimal boot system for OMAP

some crazy intro:
Primarily meant as quick hack access, from various board bringups
I always saw that fundamental process is a basic u-boot and kernel
running on a basic busybox - usually u need to apply few patchsets to get things
working for each of them..

So, thought for sometime about doing bitbake after being almost brainwashed
by a few OpenEmbedded junkies ;).. but then robclark showed me git submodules
and I am hooked big time.

Disclaimer: I've been too long a kernel hacker to loose the roots..

Time for some objectives:
a) make board_name_defconfig (see directory configs/*defconfig what to use)
b) make
you should have:
i) target directory with basic busybox fs
ii) binaries directory with uImage, u-boot, MLO (if required)

just download a codesourcery tool chain:
OR on newer Ubuntu -> 12.04+ atleast,
   sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi
to install linaro gcc tool chain for arm.

You also need realpath installed - sudo apt-get install realpath for Ubuntu.

should eventually be in docs/ directory

I will figure out most of how things work later on I suppose..
any ideas, feel free to email me:
mailto: menon dot nishanth at gmail dot com