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This is a PoC of using a subversion infrastructure to build (staged) RPM's with mock. I was inspired from and see it as extension in integrated system management with YADT.


  • SVN post-commit hook
  • post hook used by to take care of RPM repos (createrepo...)
  • schema.txt and packages/: show you how to organize the SVN repo. Simply create a directory for each RPM package with SPECS and SOURCES subdirs as you would do it with rpmbuild. Doesn't know if we actually need these subdirs, but it feels comfortable. Still a PoC :o)


  • yum install subversion mock createrepo
  • add the svn user to mock group. If you use mod_dav_svn: /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G mock apache
  • Download to /usr/local/bin/
  • Create /etc/svnmock.conf: RESULTDIR="/opt/svnmock/result" MOCKCONFDIR="/etc/mock" BASEURL="http://$(hostname --fqdn)/svnmock"
  • (maybe) modify your local mock configuration
  • svnadmin create /opt/svn/testrepo
  • ln -s /usr/local/bin/ /opt/svn/testrepo/hooks/post-commit
  • checkout the new repo
  • create directories mkdir mypackage/testing/{SPECS,SOURCES}
  • put in your .spec file and sources
  • commit your stuff
  • look at /opt/svnmock/result/{repos,testing}

Logging via syslog and via $RESULTDIR/{repos,$YOUR_STAGES}/LOGS/*

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