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This program is called as a commit hook in a config SVN repository and automatically creates the necessary config RPMs after every commit and puts them in the configured RPM repository.
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This program is called as a post-commit hook in a config SVN repository.
It automatically creates configuration RPMs after every commit and puts them in the configured RPM repository. Only the configuration affected by the commit is rebuilt.


Install build dependencies

pysvn (a python library for SVN) is required, but not available by usual python means (pip & easy_install). So you need to install it from your distribution repository.

sudo yum install pysvn
# install additional build dependency
sudo pip install PyYAML

Test the code

When you run the integration tests with python test, the config-rpm-maker will build test RPMs. It is required that your /bin/sh points to a bash, not a dash!
Dash is the default in Ubuntu.
You can set /bin/sh back to bash by running sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

Build RPM

python bdist_rpm


The code fragment below builds all relevant RPMs for the SVN repository at /foo/bar/svn/test in revision 123.

config-rpm-maker file:///foo/bar/svn/test 123
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