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Installs Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET), Dell OpenManage, and updates the bios on Dell C6100 series servers. Each function is provided in a separate recipe so you can choose what items you wish to install.


Any Dell server for the installation of OpenManager / DSET Dell C6100 for BIOS Updates



Apply the default recipe on the node to install the necessary packages then choose what tools / updates you would like applied and add those recipes to your node

RAID Recipe requirements: The RAID recipe installs the necessary management software for the LSI SAS 9260 and PERC H200 (LSI SAS 2008) controllers that ship in the Dell C Series servers. Dell does not directory provide the necessary utilities for these controllers so you must find them elsewhere.

9260: Go to and search for the 9260. Under “Management Software and Tools” you can download the MegaCLI tool. Within this ZIP file you can find the MegaCLI RPM. You will need to host this on a http server somewhere. Make sure to set the necessary attribute for your download location and package name

H200: This recipe uses the SAS2IRCU utility hosted by SuperMicro since LSI and Dell don't host this package. The recipe will download it direct from SuperMicro or you can override the attribute with a local download URL