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Universal Fedora chroot tool
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anyfed - Universal Fedora chroot tool

Welcome to anyfed!

An universal Fedora chroot tool which lets you run Fedora anywhere on anything, with or without root.

Supported architectures:

  • ARM
  • x86_64

This uses a Fedora Docker image to set up a small rootfs somewhere on your system, so that you can chroot into it.

It uses chroot if you have root, or proot if you don't.


wget && bash anyfed

For Termux (Android):

apt update && apt install tar wget -y && export PATH=$PATH && wget && bash anyfed

and follow on-screen instructions

Tested on

  • LibreELEC (ARM) - with and without root
  • OpenELEC (ARM) - with and without root
  • Fedora 24 x86_64 - with and without root
  • Ubuntu 16.04 - with and without root
  • Arch Linux (2016-09) - with and without root
  • Android 6.0 - without root, using Termux (see instructions above)

GUI applications

You can run GUI applications with export DISPLAY=:0 so they use your host X server. You also have to generate dbus-uuid dbus-uuidgen > /etc/machine-id

You also may need xhost + on your host system.





Write to me ( if you have problems. Have fun! :)

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