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What is GitLabCLI ?

  • It's a cross platform GitLab command line tool to quickly & naturally perform frequent tasks on GitLab project.
  • It does not force you to hand craft json or use other unnatural ways (for example ids, concatenating of strings) like other CLI's to interact with GitLab.
  • It does not have any dependencies.
  • It's self contained .NET core application - you don't need to have .NET installed for it to work.

Quick start

1. Configure how to authenticate with GitLab API:

To authenticate using username & password:

gitlab config --host "" --username "your username" --password "your password"

To authenticate using token:

gitlab config --host "" --token "your token"

To boost your productivity it's recommended to set default project also. So you will not need to specify it everytime.

gitlab config --default-project "defaultproject"

More configuration options can be found here

2. If you want to find more information about certain commands just use --help:

For example:

gitlab --help
gitlab config --help
gitlab issue create --help

or see Wiki:
Creating and listing issues
Creating and listing merge requests

Some examples:

All commands have both short & long syntax.


# create issue:
gitlab issue create -t "Issue title" -d "Issue description" -l label1,label2

# or long syntax:
gitlab issue create --title "Issue title" --description "Issue description" --labels label1,label2

# create issue for specific user:
gitlab issue create -t "Issue title" -a User

# create issue for yourself:
gitlab issue create -t "Issue title --assign-myself

# create issue in differentproject (not default):
gitlab issue create -t "Issue title" -p differentproject

# close issue 101:
gitlab issue close --id 101

# list issues assigned to me:
gitlab issue list --assigned-to-me

# list issues assigned to User & filtered by label:
gitlab issue list --assignee User -l label1

# list issues having bug in title or description:
gitlab issue list --filter bug

# list issues with ids 101 and 202:
gitlab issue list --id 101,202

# open issue 101 with the default browser:
gitlab issue browse --id 101

Merge requests

# create merge request feature -> develop:
gitlab merge create -t "Merge request title" -s feature -d develop

# create merge request feature -> develop with assignee User:
gitlab merge create -t "Merge request title" -s feature -d develop -a User

# list merge requests:
gitlab merge list # list opened
gitlab merge list opened # list opened
gitlab merge list merged # list merged
gitlab merge list closed # list closed
gitlab merge list all # list all

# list merge requests for assignees:
gitlab merge list -a "User" # assigned to user
gitlab merge list --assigned-to-me