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R Programming for Research Workshop

Nick Michalak and Iris Wang

University of Michigan LSA Department of Psychology

Required Texts


Day 1. Installation and Introduction

Before Workshop

During Workshop

Day 2. Visualization

Before Workshop

During Workshop

Day 3. Workflow and Data Transformation

Before Workshop

During Workshop

  • Coding Basics
  • Naming
  • Calling Functions
  • rep()
  • filter()
  • arrange()
  • select()
  • mutate()
  • summarise()
  • gather()
  • spread()
  • full_join(), left_join(), right_join(), inner_join()
  • ifelse()
  • Exercises in wrangling your own data
  • Cheat Sheets

Day 4. Summarizing and Modeling

Before Workshop

During Workshop

  • describe() and describeBy()
  • t.test()
  • lm() and Anova()
  • corr.test()
  • pairs.panels() and cor.plot()
  • lmer()
  • sem()
  • fa.parallel() and fa()

Day 5. Your Data

Before the Workshop

Browse RMarkdown from RStudio Skim Workflow: projects

  • find one or two datasets you know well and are OK with others seeing.
    1. Preferably, find the raw (hasn't been "cleaned") data
    2. Make a new folder. give it a good name. repeat with subfolders. (Hint: Skim some data management best practices from the Stanford Library or the Michigan Library guide)
    3. Put your raw data in there, somewhere
  • Skim The tidyverse style guide by Hadley Wickham

During the Workshop

  • R Projects
  • R Markdown
  • Importing data
    • read_csv(), read_spss(), and read_stata()
  • Writing code you and others can read

R Resources




  • Iris and I couldn't have done this alone. We thank all of these thoughtful and helpful people:
    Josh Wondra (he started this workshop in the Psychology Department last summer and helped us take it over this summer); Brian Wallace and everyone at Psychology Student Academic Affairs (they approved us!); Rich Gonzalez (especially his Psychology 613/614 course); Adrienne Beltz and Pam Davis-Kean and everyone who's a part of the Psychology Methods Hour; Instructional Support Services and Blue Corps at the University of Michigan; and, of course, the R community, especially Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund (they wrote the book!).


R Programming for Research workshop outline and materials






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