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Odin Project: Project
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Odin Project: Project

This page recreates the layout of the search engine (There is no functionality, and it certainly is not pixel perfect)

(this may be childsplay to some, feel free to stop reading) Things I've learned from the project:

-using Id tags are important for individual styles. Understanding that you can have a ui element with li items inside, however if you wanted to style individual li elements within the ui element, then a id header is needed.

-organizational footwork is important. Headers,Footers, Divs. Html is the skeleton, the order in which these tags are called will mimic the structure of the page.

-used different span tags on the footer ul's. This made it easier to style them, rather than using class or id tags.

*Questions to investigate further: Ran into a discrepancy between a "li id" tag, and an "a id" tag. anchored tags with ids will respond to precedence differently than a li id element.

Summary: It can be difficult to think abstractly about HTML and CSS, I am certain with the addition of Javascript, the challanges will increase. I will need to learn more about when to use certain HTML identifers. Using a combination of span,id, and div classes. I was able to provide specificity to the stylings of my page, however I found myself making revisions when I looked at other's source codes.

They had more structure to their code. I would like to be at that level experience, in order to optimize speed and edit/add code with ease.

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