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Version 1.0 :

  • Better support shadow build hierarchy
  • Add option MOC_LVL_0
  • Refactor how the arguments are passed to to add config arguments
  • Benchmark perfs
  • Remove f-strings from python (compatibility)
  • Profile python
  • Make a zip release

Not planned for now :

  • Remove SAFE_MODE (always check the files to delete are in the UNITY_DIR directory or throw an exception...)
  • Auto-remove moc.h files from unity (MOC) if a cpp file contains : #include "toto.moc", #include "moc_toto.cpp"
  • Study PIMPL case
  • Support Visual Studio
  • Write automated incremental tests (ex : add a cpp file to the project, see how the groups are updated)
  • Check compatibility with qmake static_and_shared option
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