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* This is Script Assertion for REST Request test step
* to check a property value is matching the given regex and make the test fail if not
* Refer:
//Below is to demonstration with fixed json; and one passing value and another one failing. If you uncomment below make sure line 28 is commented and vice-versa.
def jsonString = '''{
"payload": [
"maprefnum": "58",
"stgtablename": "table_name",
"tablename": "table_name_2",
"sourcepriority": ""
"maprefnum": "59a",
"stgtablename": "table_name",
"tablename": "table_name_2",
"sourcepriority": ""
//To handle current REST Request test step response use below
def jsonString = context.response
assert jsonString, 'Response is empty or null'
//Modify the regex as needed
def regex = '\\d+'
//Do not modify beyond this
//Check and collect all the values of property if they are matching given regex
def result = []
def assertValue = {
result << (it ==~ /$regex/)
def json = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(jsonString)
//Call the checking for all property values
json.payload*.maprefnum.each { assertValue(it)} result
//Assert the collect result
assert result.every {true == it}, 'Not all maprefnum has matching the given regex'
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