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Extension for soapui with different listeners
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This soapuiExtensions library allows users to have some additional functionality in SoapUI(free edition) software, like SoapUI Pro, this extension allows users to do something before, after execution of the test events.

For eg: User may want to do something before running a test case or after running a test case etc by implementing appropriate groovy script as required. Allow me to add an example here. Usually user may want to add credentials for the request step automatically, see the script samples/scripts/TestSuiteTestStepAdded.groovy

How to use this library:

set SOAPUI_HOME environment variable with appropriate value.

  • copy lib/SoapUIExtListeners.jar file under $SOAPUI_HOME/bin/ext directory
  • copy samples/listeners/custom-listeners.xml file under $SOAPUI_HOME/bin/listeners directory
  • copy samples/scripts directory under $SOAPUI_HOME
  • And implement appropriate groovy script available under $SOAPUI_HOME/scripts. Refer Mappings file in order to implement respective groovy script. This mapping file is used internally, it is given here for user reference, so that he can implement his respective script with the right groovy file name.

NOTE: for windows users, you may need to check %SOAPUI_HOME%\bin\soapui.bat which actually overwrites SOAPUI_HOME, need to fix soapui.bat script if required.

If you donot wish to make any changes to %SOAPUI_HOME%\bin\soapui.bat file on windows, then you want to copy that groovy files under %SOAPUI_HOME%\bin\scripts directory instead of %SOAPUI_HOME%\scripts directory and retry. If your machine is linux then it should work if you copy groovy files under $SOAPUI_HOME/scripts directory as mentioned above.

Softwares tested with:

  • jdk 7
  • soapUI 4.5.1 (you should still be able to use in later versions)
  • groovy 1.8.9 (defult with soapui)


  • log4j
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