Fast neural style transfer twitter bot. Tweet an image, and it responds with a stylized rendering
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🌃 Reimagine any image in the style of Van Gogh's The Starry Night! 🌕

This is a twitterbot that performs the following steps in order once initialized:

- listen for tweets targeted at a given twitter account
- pull the image from the tweet 
- perform neural style transfer on the input image
- reply to the tweeter with the output image in a reply tweet (also saves output to local disk)


Here are examples from my own bot, implemented with this code as-is. To see more examples, you can visit the bot @StarryNightBot.

note Due to recent changes in the Twitter dev API 😞, my bot is no longer live, so tweets to it won't return anything. Sorry!

Baseball Stadium Example Baseball Stadium Example

Stanford University Example Stanford University

Star Wars Example Star Wars Poster


  • For Ubuntu, $ pip install Pillow in place of PIL. No changes to import necessary.
  • For Ubuntu, $ chmod a+x to allow the shell script to run


$ python


Uses the starry_night.t7 weights file found in the fast-neural-style repo from the paper Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution