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Welcome to Geometry Central

Geometry Central is a modern C++ codebase, providing the low-level tools to implement algorithms in geometry processing, scientific computing, and computer graphics/vision, with a particular focus on the geometry of surfaces.

Features include:

  • A polished halfedge mesh class, and a system of containers for associating data with mesh elements.
  • Implementations of canonical geometric quantities on surfaces, such as normals and curvatures.
  • Tools for generating and manipulating surface parameterizations.
  • The basic building blocks of discrete exterior calculus.
  • A coherent set of sparse linear algebra tools, currently based on Eigen, and augmented with solvers that automatically utilize SuiteSparse if available on your system.

What is it not?

  • A user interface. Geometry Central does not include any facilities for user interaction; it is an algorithms and data structures library on which you might build user-facing tools. This philosphy keeps the library lightweight, and avoids dependencies on rendering and windowing systems. For a UI built on top of Geometry Central, see Polyscope.
  • A research code dump. Geometry Central was built by researchers, and is used in many prototype research projects. However, we strive to ensure that this library contains only polished, broadly useful algorithms, rather than a mashup of one-off research ideas. See the list below for projects built on Geometry Central.




This library uses git submodules to manage dependencies, so after cloning you should run git submodule update --init --recursive to pull down dependencies. The only (optional) dependency which is not included as a submodule is Suitesparse, which can be installed via a package manager on Linux/MacOS, or manually with significant effort on Windows.

Geometry-central itself does not build any excutables, it is a library upon which you create other programs. For a simple example program and build system using geometry-central, see TODO.


Development of this software was funded in part by NSF Award 1717320, an NSF graduate research fellowship, and gifts from Adobe Research and Autodesk, Inc.

Projects that use Geometry Central