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著者からの許諾にもとづき、無料のオンライン本 "ニューラルネットワークと深層学習" を翻訳します。 参加者募集中です。レポジトリの書き込み権限あげます。pull resquestください!


Hi Takayuki,

Glad you’re enjoying my book!

I’m happy for you to translate it, provided you’re not making money from the translation, and I’m acknowledged as the original author. I’d certainly appreciate it if you’d link to the original site, too.

I’ve been approached by many people about translations. But I don’t remember whether any of the proposed translations was into Japanese. Sorry not to have more information about that. It might be worth Googling to see if anyone else has started a Japanese translation.

Michael — Michael Nielsen http://michaelnielsen.org