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ctf101 systems security repository. Day two of the workshop.


By the end of the workshop, participants should be aware of the skills and some of the tools required to develop exploits for systems based applications.


  1. Approach
  2. Overview of Systems Exploitation
  3. Offensive Python 101
  4. Input/Output
  5. Types of Compromise
  6. Illustration of Compromise in Target Python Applications
  7. C and x86-64 Assembly
  8. Memory Layout
  9. Stack Frames
  10. Debuggers
  11. Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
  12. Mitigations and Bypasses
  13. Conclusions and Additional Challenges

What Is Not Covered?

  1. Shellcode Writing
  2. Heap vulnerabilities
  3. Return Oriented Programming

Lesson Plan

Please refer to the lesson plan for complete content.