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A Course on Intermediate Level Linux Exploitation
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A Course on Intermediate Level Linux Exploitation


The course is designed as a continuation of the Windows Exploit Development workshops by the people at Null Singapore and some pre-requisite knowledge is expected of the following topics:

  1. An Understanding of x86-64 Assembly
  2. Familiarity with GDB
  3. Familiarity with C and Python
  4. Familiarity with the Standard Jump to Shellcode Exploits

Please do view this 15 minute 'Introduction to Return Oriented Programming' video as a refresher. If you have time, please go through the lesson plan for the video.


  1. Setting Up the Environment
  2. How Does a Linux Binary Work? - Skipped for Now
  3. Introduction to PEDA and Pwntools
  4. Classic Exploitation Technique
  5. Linux Binary Protections
  6. Bypassing NX with Return Oriented Programming
  7. Bypassing NX with Ret2Libc
  8. ASLR in Depth
  9. Bypassing ASLR/NX with Ret2PLT
  10. Bypassing ASLR/NX with GOT Overwrite
  11. Memory Leaks - Skipped for Now
  12. Multi-Stage Exploits
  13. Format String Vulnerabilties
  14. Advanced Exercises
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