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This addon provides OpenFrameworks touch events on Windows 8 and above. It uses the new WM_POINTER events to obtain more detailed information about the touch, as well as providing improved touch event stability and precision (compared with WM_TOUCH).

The development of this addon was inspired by ofxWin7 and later ofxWinTouch. The big difference is that this addon uses WM_POINTER (available since Windows 8), not WM_TOUCH (available since Windows 7). For some devices, this makes a big difference: WM_TOUCH may sometimes drop or mangle touch events which are passed through fine by WM_POINTER. You should try this addon if ofxWinTouch is giving you weird results (such as missing touches or "stuck" touches).

It is dead simple to use: add the five standard touch event handlers to your ofApp (with matching implementations in ofApp.cpp):

void touchDown(ofTouchEventArgs & touch);
void touchMoved(ofTouchEventArgs & touch);
void touchUp(ofTouchEventArgs & touch);
void touchDoubleTap(ofTouchEventArgs & touch);
void touchCancelled(ofTouchEventArgs & touch);

the following #include:

#include "ofxWin8Touch.h"

and the following to setup:


See example_basic for simple usage (tested with a Perceptive Pixel 55" touchscreen).

HighDPI Awareness

Some devices (like the Windows Surface Pro) have a default "High DPI" setting to make text more readable on the screen. On the Surface Pro, the default settings is 150% DPI - which means a display resolution of 1920x1080 will report a screen size of 1280x720 to openFrameworks, but still report touches on a 1920x1080 grid. Thankfully, there's an easy fix:

  • Open Project Properties
  • Navigate to Configuration Properties > Manifest Tool > Input and Output
  • Set 'Enable DPI Awareness' to Yes


Windows 8 touch driver for OpenFrameworks using WM_POINTER events



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