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Node.js 3D Printer Cloud Client (early test)

Currently running this as a command line tool to print gcode to 3d printer via node.js.

Testing with node.js v0.10.5 running on a TP-Link WR703N with OpenWrt.

WR703N is higly limited, low CPU and RAM, so it is required to launch node.js with some parameters:

# adjust serialport and speed in ./config/linux.json
export NODE_ENV=linux
node --stack_size=1024 --max_old_space_size=20 --max_new_space_size=2048 --max_executable_size=5 --gc_global --gc_interval=100 app.js ./bin/gcode/smallwheel.gcode

To send direct commands to your printer use this:

# adjust serialport and speed in ./config/linux.json
export NODE_ENV=linux
node --stack_size=1024 --max_old_space_size=20 --max_new_space_size=2048 --max_executable_size=5 --gc_global --gc_interval=100 app.js

NOTES: Cross-Compile, Node.js, and SerialPort NPM module:

NOTE2: No NPM available, just install the modules on a Linux/Mac machine (npm update) and copy 'node_modules' to the embedded system. SerialPort need to be Cross-Compiled (check the link instructions on NOTE)

Damn it, I just want to test this on my Laptop/PC

  • Install Node.js and NPM
  • clone this repo:
git clone
  • cd 3DPrinterCloudClient
  • npm update
  • edit one of the configuration profiles:
nano ./config/linux.json

adjust your 3D Printer Serial Port and Speed (use /dev/null to emulate a printer response)

    "serialport": {
        "serialport": "/dev/ttyACM0", 
        "baudrate": 115200
  • export NODE_ENV variable with the config file name to use (without .json extension) - you can create as much profiles as required:
export NODE_ENV=linux
  • launch app:
$ node app.js ./bin/gcode/smallwheel.gcode
  • or launch 3d printer command line [WIP]:
$ node app.js

NOTE: This is still in an early h@ck1ng stage, a lot of work on the WR703N memory tunning... WIP!!!


Node.js 3D Printer Cloud Client



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