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PySimpleGUI Designer


pip install PySimpleGUIDesigner


Run GUI:


Use options:

PySimpleGUIDesigner --xmlfile="~/folder1/test.ui" --objname="somegroupBox"


PySimpleGUIDesigner --help


Usage: [OPTIONS]

  -x, --run              just run gui example
  -xmlfile PATH          abs path to ui file
  -objname TEXT          object name of target container
  -nobadwidgets          forget about bad widgets. Default - True
  -o, --outputfile PATH  file to output compiled PySimpleGUI ui
  -pp_mouse              compile++ option - do the mouse clicks events
  -pp_keys               compile++ option - do the keys events
  --help                 Show this message and exit.

Usage (source code)

Download this repo, cd into directory.

Run gui:


Compile by using options:

python3 --xmlfile="~/folder1/test.ui" --objname="somegroupBox"

CLI examples:

# # #        give different path for xmlfile
# Abs path
python3 -xmlfile "/tmp/examples_of_ui/untitled.ui" -objname="text1"
# Relative path
python3 -xmlfile "examples_of_ui/untitled.ui" -objname="vv1"
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1"

# tab character
# tc = tab character, ta = tab amount
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -tc " "
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -tc " " -ta 1 # the same effect, as command above
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -tc " " -ta 2

# add boilerplate to output file
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -pp_mouse -tc " " -ta 2
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -pp_keys
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -tc " " -ta 2 -pp_keys


How do I use PySimpleGUIDesigner WITH Qt Designer? Watch this video (by me):

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