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An extremely configurable, fast, dynamic tiling window manager for X
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neurowm is an extremely configurable, fast, dynamic tiling window manager for X. It tries to be similar to xmonad, where you must write you own configuration using C language instead of Haskell language.


In order to build neurowm, you need the library. You also need if you want multi-head support.

Optional Dependencies

If you want to run neurowm with all its features, install these packages:

  • libxrandr: for multi-head support (Enabled by default, edit PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS and PKG_LINK_OPTIONS in the Makefile to disable it)
  • gmrun: default application runner
  • dzen2: default system info panels
  • xdotool: default X11 command line

Installation using Makefile

Once downloaded, cd to its root folder and compile the source using the Makefile:


Now install the headers, library and binary using the install target (you must be root):

sudo make install

Installation using CMake

Once downloaded, cd to its root folder and the build folder. Once there write:

cmake ..

This generates the Makefile(s) necessary to perform the installation. Then, still inside the build folder, write:


Finally, to install write:

sudo make install


In order to run neurowm, you must firstly write your own neurowm.c configuration file in ~/.neurowm folder. If the folder does not exist, create it. There are examples of neurowm.c configuration files under the examples folder.

The configuration file is actually a C file that will launch the window manager. The function that runs neurowm is called NeuroWmRun and it needs a pointer to a struct Configuration structure as parameter. You can either implement your own configuration or use the default one. If you pass NULL, neurowm will load the default configuration so the simplest neurowm.c file you can write is the following:

#include <neuro/wm.h>

int main() {
	return NeuroWmRun(NULL);

Once you have written your own neurowm.c file, compile it using the --recompile flag:

neurowm --recompile

If you are running neurowm, you can also compile and reload the configuration file on the fly without restarting X by just pressing the default mod+q key binding.

Running neurowm

Add the following line to your .xinitrc:

exec /usr/bin/neurowm


Check the wiki for more help:

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