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Self-made mBaaS in Django
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Push notification service for iOS



$ git clone
$ cd django-mbaas/
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cp mbaas/ mbaas/
# Edit it if necessary (Email infomation etc.)
$ python migrate
$ python createsuperuer

In addition, add the following to the cron.

* * * * * python /path/to/ startbatches

If you use this product on debug mode.

$ python runserver
# Example of command options under
$ python runserver

If you use this product on production mode

To False DEBUG of in mbaas/setttings

$ gunicorn mbaas.wsgi:application
# Example of command options under
$ gunicorn mbaas.wsgi:application --bind -D


Apache-2.0 License


Yuya Oka (nnsnodnb)

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