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This is a really simple library for accesing the libpatent api.

As of 1/2016 the api is no longer available because of substantial changes at however it will be restored shortly.

Probably not useful unless you are a libpatent client.

With an API key this library offers a facility in ruby to begin a patent re-examination.

Possible Uses

Automatically initiate a libpatent re-examination effort upon parsing a patent threat.


Download the gem so as not to pollute the gem namespace.

gem install libpatent


require 'libpatent'

lp = => YOUR_API_KEY)

lp.re_examine 7028023, '' # Note optional callback

'Re-examination Request Submitted.'

Note: It may take a while before the callback receives post request with a "current_status" parameter describing action taken on the re-exam.

Source Code