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mysql foreign data wrapper table foreign table discovery script
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MyETL is a ruby script that connects to a mysql server and writes sql for creating foreign data tables in a postgresql format.

Optionally it can generate the SQL to create a mirror database in postgresql effectively make a postgres replica of the data in your mysql system.


-- git clone -- Requires the mysql command line utility -- Requires the mysql_fdw from to be installed in the target postgresql database


my_etl -d mysqldbname -s temp_schema -m public  | psql -U pgusername -d pgdbname

New bonus postgres table extraction!:

pgforeign -d pgdbname -s temp_schema 

Be sure to check the mysql foreign data wrapper documentation for installing the extension.

A Note on Security

Leaving password blank to the command line utility will result in the user being prompted for a password.

If automating process, I'd recommend installing a my.cnf file in the users home directory to avoid entering password.

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