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Assembler for Microchip AVR Microcontroller family (similar to Atmel)
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Assembler for Microchip AVR Microcontroller family (similar to Atmel).

AVRA-RS is a Rust rewrite of AVRA. I have created AVRA-RS to fix various shortcomings of the original software. This project now became something more.

First of all, this is not a complete implementation of the original assembler. It also has some important differences, for example, it is tested as much as possible.

Differences between AVRA-RS and AVRA

  • AVRA-RS contains full implementation of assembler opcodes and directives. It does not, however, support full command-line options of AVRA.
  • AVRA-RS supports ATmega and ATtiny MCUs.

Build and Install

To build the avra-rs you can use cargo build and cargo install, or you can install avra-rs from


To compile source file you need to run avra-rs with argument -s for describe path to source and optionally you can provide output path by -o. for provide another place of eeprom store you can use -e key.

For more verbose output you can use -v key.

Other options aren't supported. Detail information of assembler will be added in near future.

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