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noBackend presskit

Blogger, fan, journalist? Feel free to use, share & remix our media resources as you please. Anything missing? We're happy to help:

Download the entire presskit here:

What is noBackend

noBackend is new approach to build data-driven apps without thinking backend. It enables frontend developers to do common backend tasks by themselves, like user authentication, sending emails, or payments.

There are several products and services that providucts that go in this direction, some we are aware of are

The goal of noBackend

noBackend aims to empower as many people as possible to create real apps by following the new approach. We do it by promoting the perspective of frontend developers with something we call "dreamcode". With "dreamcode", any frontend developer can express how he'd like to be able to accomplish a common backend task it a way that he's comfortible with.

For example, to send an email, a noBackend solution could provide a method that looks like this:

  to: "",
  from: "",
  subject: "Meeting tomorrow",
  text: "Hey Joe,\n\nwhen are we going to meet tomorrow?\n\n– Jane"
}).then( function() {
  alert("Email has been sent")

More examples and discussion can be found at

External resources

Original Talk at Front-Trends Conference in Warsaw, April 2013:

Great talk by Alex at JSConf EU, September 2013

Who is behind noBackend

noBackend has been initiatev by Gregor Martynus. But everyone is more than invited to promote the discussion.



If you have any questions, contact us via twitter


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