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The Model and Observation Evaluation Toolkit (MONET)
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Introduction to the Model and ObservatioN Evalution Toolkit (MONET)

Please read the docs at ReadTheDocs

This is the start to an MONET verification package. Currently, it handles CMAQ 4.7.1+, EPA AQS surface data, EPA AirNow, and the IMPROVE Aerosol data network. Current effort is being added to add in the ASOS network, the Climate Reference Network, sonde data and more. It will compute statistics, make time series, spatial and scatter plots, and more!

The ARL verification package is meant to be a one stop shop for quick verification and study of CMAQ data (in the future we will want to add more models such as HYSPLIT, NMMB, WRF-ARW, and NGGPS and observations such as NADP, ASOS, iicart flight data, VIIRS, MODIS, GOES-R, etc).

Please refer to the publication and the ReadTheDocs for more detail.


Baker, Barry; Pan, Li. 2017. "Overview of the Model and Observation Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) Version 1.0 for Evaluating Atmospheric Transport Models." Atmosphere 8, no. 11: 210.

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