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Releases: noah-nuebling/mac-mouse-fix

3.0.0 Beta 6

16 Dec 12:10
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3.0.0 Beta 6 Pre-release

Also check out the neat changes introduced in 3.0.0 Beta 4!

3.0.0 Beta 6 brings deep optimizations and polish, a rework of the scroll settings, Chinese translations, and more!

Here's everything new:

1. Deep Optimizations

For this Beta, I put a lot of work into getting the last bit of performance out of Mac Mouse Fix. And now I'm happy to announce that, when you click a mouse button in Beta 6, that's 2x faster compared to the previous beta! And scrolling is even 4x faster!

With Beta 6, MMF will also smartly turn parts of itself off to save your CPU and battery as much as possible.

For example, when you're currently using a mouse with 3 buttons but you only have actions set up for buttons not found on your mouse like buttons 4 and 5, Mac Mouse Fix will stop listening to button input from your mouse entirely. Meaning 0% CPU usage when you click a button on your mouse! Or when the scroll settings in MMF match the system, Mac Mouse Fix will stop listening to input from your scroll wheel entirely. Meaning 0% CPU usage when you scroll! But if you set up the Command (⌘)-Scroll to Zoom feature, Mac Mouse Fix will start to listen to your scroll wheel input - but only while you hold down the Command (⌘) key. And so on.
So it's really smart and will only use up CPU when it has to!

This means, MMF is now not only the most powerful, easy-to-use, and polished mouse driver for Mac, it's also one of, if not the, most optimized and efficient!

2. Reduced App Size

At 16 MB, Beta 6 is ca. 2x smaller than Beta 5!

This is a side-effect of dropping support for older macOS versions.

3. Dropped Support for Older macOS Versions

I tried hard to get MMF 3 to run properly on macOS versions before macOS 11 Big Sur. But the amount of work to get it to feel polished turned out to be overwhelming, so I had to give up on that.

Moving forward, the earliest officially supported version will be macOS 11 Big Sur.

The app will still open on older versions but there will be visual and maybe other problems. The app will not open anymore on macOS versions before 10.14.4. This is what allows us to shrink the app size by 2x since 10.14.4 is the earliest macOS version shipping with modern Swift libraries (See "Swift ABI Stability"), which means those Swift libraries don't have to be contained in the app anymore.

4. Scroll Improvements

Beta 6 features many improvements to the configuration and the UI of the new scrolling systems introduced in MMF 3.


  • Greatly simplified and shortened the UI text on the Scroll tab. Most mentions of the word "Scroll" have been removed since it's implied by context.
  • Reworked the scroll smoothness settings to be much clearer and allow for some additional options. Now you can pick between a "Smoothness" of "Off", "Regular", or "High", Replacing the old "with Inertia" toggle. I think this is much clearer and it made space in the UI for the new "Trackpad Simulation" option.
  • Turning off the new "Trackpad Simulation" option disables the rubber band effect while scrolling, it also prevents scrolling between pages in Safari and other apps, and more. Lots of people have been annoyed by this, especially those with free-spinning scroll wheels as found on some Logitech Mice like the MX Master, but others enjoy it, so I decided to make it an option. I hope the presentation of the feature is clear. If you have any suggestions there, let me know.
  • Changed the "Natural Scroll Direction" option to "Reverse Scroll Direction". This means the setting now reverses the system scroll direction and is no longer independent of the system scroll direction. While this is arguably a slightly worse user experience, this new way of doing things allows us to implement some optimizations and it makes it more transparent to the user how to completely turn Mac Mouse Fix off for scrolling.
  • Improved the way that the scroll settings interact with modified scrolling in many different edge cases. E.g. the "Precision" option will no longer apply to the "Click and Scroll" for "Desktop & Launchpad" action since it's a hindrance here instead of being helpful.
  • Improved scroll speed when using "Click and Scroll" for "Desktop & Launchpad" or "Zoom In or Out" and other features.
  • Removed non-functioning link to the system scroll speed settings on the scroll tab which was present on macOS versions before macOS 13.0 Ventura. I couldn't find a way to make the link work and it's not terribly important.

Scroll Feel

  • Improved animation curve for "Regular Smoothness" (formerly accessible by turning "with Inertia" off). This makes things feel more smooth and responsive.
  • Improved the feel of all the scroll speed settings. The "Medium" speed and the "Fast" speed are faster. There is more separation between "Low" "Medium" and "High" speeds. The speedup as you move the scrollwheel faster feels more natural and comfortable when using the "Precision" option.
  • The way that the scrolling speed ramps up as you keep scrolling in one direction will feel more natural and gradual. I'm using new mathematical curves to model the speedup. The speed ramp-up will also be harder to trigger accidentally.
  • Not ramping up scrolling speed anymore when you keep scrolling in one direction while using the "macOS" scrolling speed.
  • Restricted the scroll animation time to a maximum. If the scroll animation would naturally take more time it will be sped up to stay below the maximum time. That way, scrolling into the page edge with a free-spinning wheel will not have the page content move off-screen for as long. This shouldn't affect normal scrolling with a non-free-spinning wheel.
  • Improved some interactions around the rubberband effect when scrolling into a page edge in Safari and other apps.
  • Fixed an issue where "Click and Scroll" and other scroll-related features wouldn't work properly after upgrading from a very old preference pane version of Mac Mouse Fix.
  • Fixed an issue where single-pixel scrolls were sent with a delay when using the "macOS" scrolling speed together with smooth scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling would still be really fast after releasing the Swift Scroll modifier. Other improvements around how scroll speed is carried over from previous scroll swipes.
  • Improved the way that the scroll speed increases with larger display sizes

5. Notarization

Starting with 3.0.0 Beta 6, Mac Mouse Fix will be "Notarized". That means no more messages about Mac Mouse Fix being "Malicious Software" when opening the app for the first time.

Notarizing your app costs $100 per year. I was always against this, since it felt hostile towards free and open source software like Mac Mouse Fix, and it also felt like a dangerous step towards Apple controlling and locking down the Mac like they do iOS. But lack of Notarization led to several problems, including ones where nobody could use the app anymore until I released a new version. Since Mac Mouse Fix will be monetized now I thought it was finally appropriate to Notarize the app for an easier and more stable user experience.

6. Chinese Translations

Mac Mouse Fix is now available in Chinese!
More specifically, it's available in:

  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese (Hong Kong)

Huge thanks to @groverlynn for providing all of these translations as well as for updating them throughout the betas and communicating with me. See his pull request here: #395.

7. Everything Else

Aside from the changes listed above Beta 6 also features many smaller improvements.

  • Removed several options from the "Click", "Click and Hold" and "Click and Scroll" Actions because I thought they were redundant since the same functionality can be achieved otherwise and since this cleans up the menus a lot. Will bring those options back if people complain. So if you miss those options - please complain.
  • Click and Drag direction will now match trackpad swipe direction even when "Natural scrolling" is turned off under System Settings > Trackpad. Before, Click and Drag would always behave like swiping on the trackpad with "Natural scrolling" turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursors would disappear and then reappear somewhere else when using a "Click and Drag" Action during a screen recording or when using the DisplayLink software.
  • Fixed centering of the "+" in the "+"-Field on the Buttons tab
  • Several visual Improvements to the buttons tab. The color palette of the "+"-Field and Action Table has been reworked to look correct when using macOS' "Allow wallpaper tinting in windows" option. The borders of the Action Table now have a transparent color that looks more dynamic and adjusts to its surroundings.
  • Made it so when you add lots of actions to the action table and the Mac Mouse Fix window grows, it will grow exactly as large as the screen (or as the screen minus the dock if you don't have dock-hiding enabled) and then stop. When you add even more actions, the action table will start scrolling.
  • This Beta now supports a new checkout where you can buy a license in US dollars as advertised. Before you could only buy a license in Euros. The old Euro licenses will still be supported of course.
  • Fixed an issue where momentum scrolling sometimes wasn't started when using the "Scroll & Navigate" feature.
  • When the Mac Mouse Fix window resizes itself during a tab switch it will now reposition itself so it does not overlap with the Dock
  • Fixed flicker on some UI elements when switching from the Buttons tab to another tab
  • Improved appearance of animation that the "+"-Field plays after recording an input. Especially on macOS versions before Ventura, where the shadow of the "+"-Field would appear glitched during the animation.
  • Disabled no...

3.0.0 Beta 5

03 Nov 14:21
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3.0.0 Beta 5 Pre-release

Also check out the neat changes introduced in 3.0.0 Beta 4!

3.0.0 Beta 5 restores compatibility with some mice under macOS 13 Ventura and it fixes scrolling in many apps.
It also features several other small fixes and and quality of life improvements.

Here's everything new:


  • Fixed scrolling in Terminal and other apps! See GitHub Issue #413.
  • Fixed incompatibility with some mice under macOS 13 Ventura by moving away from using unreliable Apple APIs in favor of low level hacks. Hope this doesn't introduce new issues - let me know if it does! Special thanks to Maria and GitHub user samiulhsnt for helping to figure this out! See GithHub Issue #424 for more infos.
  • Will not use any CPU when clicking Mouse Button 1 or 2 anymore. Slightly lowered CPU usage when clicking other buttons.
    • This is a "Debug Build" so the CPU usage can be around 10 times higher when clicking buttons in this beta vs the final release
  • The trackpad scrolling simulation that is used for Mac Mouse Fix' "Smooth Scrolling" and "Scroll & Navigate" features is now even more accurate. This might lead to better behaviour in some situations.


  • Automatically fixing issues with granting Accessibility Access after updating from an older version of Mac Mouse Fix. Adopts the changes described in the 2.2.2 Release Notes.
  • Added a "Cancel" button to the "Grant Accessibiliy Access" screen
  • Fixed an issue where configuring Mac Mouse Fix wouldn't work properly after installing a new version of Mac Mouse Fix, because the new version would connect to the old version of "Mac Mouse Fix Helper". Now, Mac Mouse Fix will not connect to the old "Mac Mouse Fix Helper" anymore and disable the old version automatically when appropriate.
  • Giving the user instructions on how to fix an issue where Mac Mouse Fix can't be enabled properly due to another version of Mac Mouse Fix being present on the system. This issue only occurs under macOS Ventura.
  • Polished behaviour and animations on the "Grant Accessibiliy Access" screen
  • Mac Mouse Fix will be brought to the foreground when it it's enabled. This improves the UI interactions in some situations like when you enable Mac Mouse Fix after it's been disabled under System Settings > General > Login Items.
  • Improved UI strings on the "Grant Accessibiliy Access" screen
  • Improved UI strings that show when trying to enable Mac Mouse Fix while it is disabled in System Settings
  • Fixed a German UI string


  • The build number of "Mac Mouse Fix" and the embedded "Mac Mouse Fix Helper" are now synchronised. This is used to prevent "Mac Mouse Fix" from accidentally connecting to old versions of "Mac Mouse Fix Helper".
  • Fixed issue where some data around your license and trial period would sometimes display incorrectly when starting the app for the first time by removing cache data from the initial configuration
  • Lots of cleanup of the project structure and source code
  • Improved debug messages

How You Can Help

You can help by sharing your ideas, issues and feedback!

The best place to share your ideas and issues is the Feedback Assistant.
The best place to give quick unstructured feedback is the Feedback Discussion.

You can also access these places from within the app on the "ⓘ About" tab.

Thanks for helping to make Mac Mouse Fix better! 💙💛❤️


30 Oct 16:41
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Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.3 fixes several issues and adds polish under macOS 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, and 10.15 Catalina.

It took a lot of time to test and debug the app on older macOS versions, but I'm really glad I did since I wanted to make sure that Mac Mouse Fix 2.2 - the last free version of Mac Mouse Fix - feels really nice and polished for everyone!

(Mac Mouse Fix 3 will be free for 30 days and then cost $1.99)

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Keyboard Shortcut...' option wouldn't do anything under macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed a crash when using the 'Keyboard Shortcut...' option more than once under macOS 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave
  • Enabled Apple icon rendering on macOS versions before macOS 11 Big Sur. Icons will now display properly in the 'More...' screen, when right-clicking the Action Table, and when recording keyboard shortcuts containing special keys only found on Apple keyboards.
  • Fixed text being cut off on the 'More Sheet' on macOS versions before macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Improved visual attributes of the Action Table like color and text margins on macOS versions before macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Improved color of Toast Notications on macOS versions before macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Reduced application size
  • More under-the hood improvements


  • If you're still experiencing any issues on older macOS versions, please let me know in a Bug Report.
  • After updating to Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.3 on older macOS versions, you might have to remove and then re-add Mac Mouse Fix to the Accessibility Preferences as described by this Guide


23 Oct 16:16
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The previous release 2.2.1 added support for macOS 13 Ventura and more!

Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.2 brings several small fixes and improvements.

Accessibility problems

2.2.2 solves a problem where "Mac Mouse Fix Helper" couldn't be granted Accessibility Access in System Settings after updating from Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.0 or earlier. See GitHub Issue #412.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where notifications would disappear abruptly instead of fading out with an animation under macOS Ventura
  • Fixed bug where links on the "More..." screen and the "Grant Accessibiliy Access" screen would sometimes open over and over again when clicking anywhere in the Mac Mouse Fix window

Other improvements

  • Improved UI strings on "Grant Accessibiliy Access" screen
  • Under-the-hood improvements


20 Oct 23:15
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Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.1 provides full support for macOS Ventura among other changes.

Ventura support!

Mac Mouse Fix now fully supports and feels native to macOS 13 Ventura.
Special thanks to @chamburr who helped with Ventura support in GitHub Issue #297.

Changes include:

  • Updated the UI for granting Accessibility Access to reflect the new Ventura System Settings
  • Mac Mouse Fix will be displayed properly under Ventura's new System Settings > Login Items menu
  • Mac Mouse Fix will react properly when it's disabled under System Settings > Login Items

Dropped support for older macOS versions

Unfortunately, Apple only lets you develop for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later when developing from macOS 13 Ventura.

So the minimum supported version has increased from 10.11 El Capitan to 10.13 High Sierra.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Mac Mouse Fix changes the scrolling behaviour of some drawing tablets. See GitHub Issue #249.
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts including the 'A' key couldn't be recorded. Fixes GitHub Issue #275.
  • Fixed an issue where some button remappings wouldn't work properly when using a non-standard keyboard layout.
  • Fixed a crash in 'App-specific settings' when trying to add an app without a 'Bundle ID'. Might help with GitHub Issue #289.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to add apps which don't have a name to 'App-Specific settings'. Resolves GitHub Issue #241. Special thanks to jeongtae who was very helpful in figuring out the problem!
  • More small bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements.

3.0.0 Beta 4

19 Oct 17:02
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3.0.0 Beta 4 Pre-release

Also check out the cool stuff introduced in 3.0.0 Beta 1!

3.0.0 Beta 4 brings a new "Restore defaults..." option as well as many quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes!

Here's everything that's new:

1. "Restore Defaults..." option

There's a "Restore Defaults..." button on the "Buttons" tab now.
This allows you to feel even more comfortable while experimenting with settings.

There are 2 defaults available:

  1. The "Default setting for mice with 5+ buttons" is super powerful and comfortable. In fact It lets you do everything you do on a trackpad. All using the 2 side buttons that are right where your thumb rests! But of course it's only available on mice with 5 or more buttons.
  2. The "Default setting for mice with 3 buttons" still lets you do the most important things you do on a trackpad - even on a mouse that only has 3 buttons.

I tried hard to make this feature smart:

  • When you start MMF for the first time it will automatically select the preset that best fits your mouse.
  • When you go to restore defaults, Mac Mouse fix will show you which mouse model you are using and its number of buttons, so you can easily make a choice about which of the two presets to use. It will also pre-select the preset that best fits your mouse.
  • When you switch to a new mouse that doesn't fit your current settings, a popup on the Buttons tab will remind you how to load the recommended settings for your mouse!
  • All the UI surrounding this is very simple, beautiful and it animates nicely.

I hope you find this feature useful and simple to use! But let me know if you have any issues.
Is something weird or unintuitive? Do the popups show up too often or in inappropriate situations? Let me know about your experience!

2. Mac Mouse Fix temporarily free in some countries

There are some countries where the Mac Mouse Fix's payment provider Gumroad doesn't work currently.
Mac Mouse Fix is now free in those countries until I can provide an alternative payment method!

If you're in one of the free countries, information about this will be displayed on the About tab and when entering a license key

If it is impossible to purchase Mac Mouse Fix in your country, but it's also not free in your country, yet - then let me know and I'll make Mac Mouse Fix free in your country, too!

3. A good time to start translating!

With Beta 4, I've implemented all the UI changes that I have planned for Mac Mouse Fix 3. So I expect there to be no more large changes to the UI until Mac Mouse Fix 3 releases.

If you've been holding off because you expected the UI to still change, then this is a good time to start translating the app into your language!

For more info on translating the app see 3.0.0 Beta 1 Release Notes > 9. Internationalization

4. Everything else

Beside the changes listed above, Beta 4 features many more small bug fixes, tweaks, and quality-of-life improvements:


Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where links from the About Tab would open over and over again when clicking anywhere in the window. Credits to GitHub user DingoBits who fixed this!
  • Fixed some in-app symbols not displaying correctly on older macOS versions
  • Hid scrollbars in Action Table. Thanks to GitHub user marianmelinte93 who made me aware of this issue in this comment!
  • Fixed issue where feedback about features being re-enabled automatically when you open the respective tab for that feature in the UI (after you disabled that respective feature from the menu bar) wasn't displayed on macOS Monterey and below. Thanks again to marianmelinte93 for making me aware of the issue.
  • Added missing localizability and German translations for "Click to Scroll to Move Between Spaces" option
  • Fixed more small localizability issues
  • Added more missing German translations
  • Notifications that display when a button is captured / no longer captured now work properly when some buttons have been captured and others have been uncaptured at the same time.


  • Removed "Click and Scroll for App Switcher" option. It was a bit buggy and I don't think it was very useful.
  • Added in "Click and Scroll to Rotate" option.
  • Tweaked layout of the "Mac Mouse Fix" menu in the menu bar.
  • Added "Buy Mac Mouse Fix" button to the "Mac Mouse Fix" menu in the menu bar.
  • Added a hint text below the "Show in Menu Bar" option. The goal is to make it more discoverable that the menu bar item can be used to quickly turn off or on features
  • The "Thank you for buying Mac Mouse Fix" messages on the about screen can now be fully customized by localizers.
  • Improved hints for localizers
  • Improved UI strings around trial expiration
  • Improved UI strings on the About tab
  • Added bold highlights to some UI strings to improve legibility
  • Added alert when clicking "Send Me an Email" link on the About tab.
  • Changed sorting order of Action Table. Click and Scroll actions will now display before Click and Drag actions. This feels more natural to me because the rows of the table are now sorted by how powerful their triggers are (Click < Scroll < Drag).
  • The app will now update the actively used device when interacting with the UI. This is useful because some of the UI is now based on the device you're using. (See the new "Restore defaults...") feature.
  • A notification that displays which buttons have been captured / are no longer captured now displays when you start the app for the first time.
  • More improvements to notifications that display when a button has been captured / is no longer captured
  • Made it impossible to accidentally enter extraneous whitespace when activating a license key


Bug fixes

  • Improved scrolling simulation to properly send "fixed point deltas". This solves an issue where scrolling speed was too slow in some apps like Safari with smooth scrolling turned off.
  • Fixed issue where the "Click and Drag for Mission Control & Spaces" feature would get stuck sometimes when the computer was slow
  • Fixed an issue where the CPU would always be used by Mac Mouse Fix when moving the mouse after having used the "Click and Drag to Scroll & Navigate" feature


  • Greatly improved scroll to zoom responsivity in Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, or Edge

Under-the hood

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Mac Mouse Fix wouldn't work properly after moving it to a different folder while it was enabled
  • Fixed some issues with enabling Mac Mouse Fix while another instance of Mac Mouse Fix was still enabled. (This is because Apple let me change the bundle ID from "com.nuebling.mac-mouse-fixxx" which was used in Beta 3 back to the original "com.nuebling.mac-mouse-fix". Not sure why.)


  • This and future betas will output more detailed debugging info
  • Under the hood cleanup and improvments. Removed old pre-10.13 code. Cleaned up frameworks and dependencies. The source code is now easier to work with, more future-proof.

3.0.0 Beta 3

15 Sep 07:47
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3.0.0 Beta 3 Pre-release

Also check out the cool stuff introduced in 3.0.0 Beta 1!

New in 3.0.0 Beta 3

3.0.0 Beta 3 should now work properly on macOS 12 Monterey!

When running Beta 2 under Monterey, it used to crash most of the time when clicking the "Enable Mac Mouse Fix" toggle and it had some visual glitches.

3.0.0 Beta 2

14 Sep 12:19
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3.0.0 Beta 2 Pre-release

Also check out the cool stuff introduced in 3.0.0 Beta 1!

New in 3.0.0 Beta 2

Fixed an issue where Mac Mouse Fix wouldn't open on most computers due to problems with Apple's Security Mechanisms. Should fix Issue #369.

3.0.0 Beta 1

12 Sep 00:26
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3.0.0 Beta 1 Pre-release

3.0.0 will be the biggest update to Mac Mouse Fix so far!

Bringing together many features that I've worked on for a long time to finally deliver this awesome value proposal:

Make your $10 mouse better than an Apple Trackpad!

And you can test it now! I'm really excited to hear your guys' feedback!

Here is everything that's new:

1. Click and Drag to Scroll

You can now Click and Drag to Scroll freely in any direction!

It also allows you to go back and forward in Safari, mark messages as read in Mail, and do anything else you can do with a two-finger swipe on an Apple Trackpad!

I worked hard to implement the feature to this quality standard. But as a result, as you play around with it, I think you'll find it really "just works"!

2. Scroll Gestures

Mac Mouse Fix now supports Scroll Gestures!
That means you can trigger actions by scrolling while holding down a mouse button!

Scroll Gestures let you get even more functionality out of a single mouse button in a super intuitive way.

In this beta, there are the following Scroll Gestures:

  • Desktop & Launchpad allows you to reveal the Desktop or open Launchpad by scrolling either up or down. This feels super fluid and intuitive because it simulates pinching with 4 fingers on an Apple Trackpad.
  • Move between Spaces lets you switch between Spaces by scrolling up or down. This feels super fluid as well since it simulates swiping on an Apple Trackpad with 3 fingers. However, I'm not sure if this is redundant since you can already Click and Drag to move between Spaces. Let me know what you think!
  • Zoom in or out lets you take a closer look on the web or elsewhere. This was already available in Mac Mouse Fix 2 by holding the Command (⌘) key while scrolling, but now you can do it more easily using just one hand!
  • Horizontal Scroll lets you scroll left and right. You can also use it to navigate between pages in Safari and other apps because simulates swiping with 2 fingers on an Apple Trackpad.
  • Swift Scroll lets you scroll large distances with minimal effort.
  • Precise Scroll lets you scroll small distances and use sensitive UI Elements like volume sliders with precision.
  • App Switcher lets you switch between recent apps, just like pressing Command-Tab (⌘ + ↹) on your keyboard. This feature has some bugs and I'm not sure it's very useful, since you can already easily access the Tab Switcher from your keyboard, so I'll probably remove it later. Let me know what you think, though.

3. Inertial Scrolling

Inertial Scrolling makes scrolling on your mouse feel just as fast and fluid as an Apple Trackpad.

Inertial Scrolling creates long and very smooth animations. On a scroll wheel, long animations generally come with the tradeoff of less control.

But Mac Mouse Fix 3 implements some smart algorithms to give you a great intertial feel while still offering a lot of control.

By the way, if you download this Beta, I think you'll be one of the first humans to use scroll bouncing from a mouse! (other than the Magic Mouse) I think that's kinda cool.

4. Other Scrolling Improvements

I rewrote most of the scrolling code for MMF 3. This allowed me to implement many other small features and improvements:

  1. There are now 2 additional keyboard modifiers so you can not only Zoom in or out with Command (⌘), and Scroll Horizontally with Shift (⇧), but also Scroll Swiftly with Control (^) and Scroll Precisely with Option (⌥).
  2. You can now see and customize all 4 keyboard modifiers using a beautiful and intuitive new UI.
  3. Always-On Precise Scrolling lets you scroll precisely even without holding down a modifier key by moving the scroll wheel slowly.
  4. Horizontal Scroll Input from your mouse is no longer ignored, but instead it's smoothed and inverted just like normal vertical scroll input. If your mouse has a tilt wheel or a horizontal scroll wheel it should feel much nicer now.
  5. The Scroll Direction Invert Settings are now independent of the System Settings allowing for a less complicated UI.
  6. Scroll settings can now be combined more freely. For example, you can use Mac Mouse Fix's Scroll Speed even when Smooth Scrolling is disabled. Or you can use macOS's Scroll Speed when Smooth Scrolling is enabled. (Note: I personally don't like macOS' Scroll Speed at all and I can't think of reasons why anyone would prefer it. So if you do prefer it I'd be very interested to learn more about your experience! You can reach out through the "ⓘ About" Tab.)

5. Menu Bar Item

Mac Mouse Fix now has a Menu Bar Item so you can always see when it's enabled!

The Menu Bar Item has a beautiful icon, and it also allows you to quickly disable certain features of Mac Mouse Fix so you can play a game or use an app without Mac Mouse Fix interfering.

Of course, you can also still disable it for a cleaner Menu Bar.

6. App-Specific Settings Have Been Removed

App-Specific Settings are gone for now. However, I do plan to bring them back in a much more robust and powerful form in the future.

For now, I think the quick settings in the Menu Bar Item are a better, if less convenient, solution.

They solve the most important problems of the old App-Specific Settings:

  • App-Specific Settings didn't work with some programs like command line executables. This included popular apps like Minecraft.
  • App-Specific Settings had many limitations like they didn't allow you to turn off buttons entirely, which was a problem for many gamers.

Another thing to consider is that the old App-Specific Settings were originally designed as a bandaid for some apps being incompatible with the old scrolling system. But now, with the new scrolling system precisely emulating Touch Scrolls coming from an Apple Trackpad, most of these incompatibilities should be fixed anyways! So there should be less of a need for what the old App-Specific Settings were best at.

I hope everone is okay with that! Let me know your thoughts!

7. UI Overhaul

I've completely rewritten the UI to be more beautiful and powerful while still retaining the simplicity and ease of use that people love about Mac Mouse Fix.

Here's what's new:

  • The UI is now split up into different tabs. This cleans things up and allows Mac Mouse Fix to provide additional settings that are important to people without the UI becoming too complicated or overwhelming. This will also allow me to extend Mac Mouse Fix with new features in the future.
  • I added subtle and delightful little animations all over the new UI that make it easier to navigate and add a feeling of polish.
  • Options that depend on other options will be hidden and the layout will adjust with beautiful subtle animations. This keeps things as simple and streamlined as possible. So you don't have to waste time and brainpower looking at options that you don't need to be thinking about.
  • The new UI features small hints for options that can otherwise be confusing.
  • The new Action Table design makes it much clearer how to add and remove Actions, which many people were confused by. It also shrinks and grows to fit the number of Actions so you don't have to resize it manually.
  • The new About Tab features a beautiful layout, and puts additional options for support, feedback, and more at your fingertips.
  • Some existing UI strings have been improved.
  • There's now a new option to Lock the Mouse Pointer during Click and Drag Gestures. I don't have one to test, but this should be very nice for Trackball-Mice!

8. Monetization

Mac Mouse Fix 3 will be free for 30 days and then cost $1.99 to own.

I know that paying for something that used to be free is not the best feeling, but I hope I can convince you that it's a really good thing for the project!

Like for every other aspect of Mac Mouse Fix, I paid great attention to making the user experience as simple and pleasant as possible:

  1. The 30 free days are smartly implemented. Mac Mouse Fix only counts the days on which you actually use it. So there's no pressure to use the app before the time is up, and you can make an informed decision whether you want to buy the app or not without any stress.
  2. After the 30 free days are over, paying for the app is extremely simple and fast. You can use all the payment methods you love like Apple Pay and PayPal, and it only takes 2 clicks to pay from inside the app via Apple Pay!
  3. After you bought the app for $1.99, activating your license is also extremely simple. I actually put a link on the checkout screen in the web browser that takes you directly into the app and opens the screen for entering the license for you!
  4. After you activate your license, there's a cute randomized thank you message on the about tab. (I heard there are even some super secret rare ones...)
  5. Your license is synced via iCloud so it will automatically be available on all your computers!

By helping Mac Mouse Fix financially, you can also help me spend a lot more time on it and make it the best mouse driver EVERRR.
I also love spending time on Mac Mouse Fix, so that would also make me happy :)

Will Mac Mouse Fix still be Open Source?

Yes. Mac Mouse Fix will still be open source...

2.2.1 Beta 3

06 Sep 13:53
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2.2.1 Beta 3 Pre-release

Mac Mouse Fix 2.2.1 Beta 3 brings back compatibility with older macOS versions & more.

  • Fixed crash on launch under older macOS versions. Should resolve Issue #327.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to add apps which don't have an app name to App-Specific Settings. Should resolve Issue #241. Special thanks to jeongtae who was very helpful in figuring out the problem!
  • More small bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements.