Shows big ass white text on a cozy smoked background. For Windows
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bigtex -> Shows Big Text On Screen


Shows big ass white text on a cozy smoked background. Meant for sharing quick words w those special people around you. For Windows my friends.

Potentially handy for things like "Resuming meeting at 1pm", answering a question like 'what's your twitter?' you put up "@noahcoad", or copy/pasting some code.

Install & Use

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and drop file contents somewhere handy
  2. Add a hotkey to launch the app, here's how with AutoHotkey
  3. Hit your hotkey and start typing. ESC exits

It does require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


Edit bigtex.config to adjust:

  • Font Name & Size
  • Put a black box behind the text
  • Change or removing the start up text
  • Opacity level of the smoke background
  • Enable auto pasting of clipboard text

Credits & History

One day I was using Mac OS X on my MacBook instead of my usual Windows 7, and accidentally hit some key that did this. It looked nice, so I made this for Windows. I wrote it at about 2am before bed, used it in a couple meetings in the morning, then tidied it up and posted on github while waiting to board my flight that afternoon. That means it's just a simple little thing. It was originally bigtext, then cut the t off the end in honor of this guy.



Q: Why doesn't it have it's own default built-in hotkey (and I have to use AutoHotkey)? A: Because implementing a global hotkey in Windows is a bit of a pain and would make the small code several times larger. To do it right one needs to (1) add a system tray icon with its menus to stay resident, (2) add the Win32API global hotkey hook, and (3) provide UI or parse config settings to let the user pick their hotkey. If you'd like to do this and submit a pull request, this hotkey hook works well. Or mention that you really like the tool and wish it had its own hotkey, and I'd consider adding it. Anyway, AutoHotkey does all this already, and is cool, like bow ties.