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Copyright (c) 2012 Noah Cooper
Dual licensed under MIT and GPL licenses (
Version: 1.1 (01-SEP-2012)

With jQuery.eastWood, you can tell POTUS to get off your lawn.

This plugin replaces any photo of Obama with a photo of an empty chair from Flickr.

For example, the following could be used to eastWood the President's bio:

$('#admin-official-image img').eastWood();

No seriously, try it -- go to, open a JavaScript console, and copy and paste:

(function(a){a.fn.eastWood=function(){var b=this;
function(c){var d=c.items.sort(function(){return.5-Math.random()}),e=0;b.each(function(){if(!d[e]){e=0}
var b=a(this),c=d[e].media.m.replace("_m.",".");b.attr("src",c).attr("alt","GET OFF MY LAWN");e++})})}})(jQuery);
$("#admin-official-image img").eastWood()

The result should look something like this: