A smart storm water irrigation barrel calculating optimal amounts of water to release from weather and sensor data
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H2Whoah Smart Irrigation Barrel

What is this?

This is the back end framework for a smart stormwater irrigation barrel, or a class project I went a little (actually, more like a lot) overboard on. This code helps analyze raw sensor measurements (height and water level) sent from a Particle Photon and, using Dark Sky's API, return a result for how long a valve should open to release a sufficient amount of water. Additionally, there will be a webapp using a Flask server to help plot sensor data and more.

img_8436 2

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rMWMYl7sOk for a demo.



This file contains code for a Particle Photon to read measurements from an ultrasonic sensor and a soil moisture sensor. Additionally, the Photon can read and write to an InfluxDB hosted with AWS and communicate with the server-side script and web application.

This file uses

  • C
  • Photon HTTP requests
  • InfluxDB API calls


This is the back-end for the Python Flask application, also containing templates. This page displays data measured by the Photon pulled from the InfluxDB database and also has a button to set a custom new water level through a POST request writing to the database.

This file uses

  • Python Flask
  • InfluxDB's Python library
  • jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Chart.js


This is the server-side script that pulls weather data from Dark Sky's API and measurements from the database to calculate a new optimal water level. This is controlled by a cronjob to run every hour.

This file uses

  • Python
  • Python's Request library
  • Dark Sky's API
  • InfluxDB's Python library
  • A crojob