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Add attempted prep for Ruby 2.6.0preview3 where the Bundler joins Rub…

…y. So far this is harmless in earlier Ruby, but doesn't work quite right with preview3...
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noahgibbs committed Nov 20, 2018
1 parent dc9f1d2 commit f5dee2c479e02b64e95f734df652edbe89bcbc68
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  1. +33 −2 packer/setup.rb
@@ -157,8 +157,39 @@ def last_line_with_ruby(cmd, ruby)
rvm_ruby_name = ruby_hash["mount_name"] || ruby_hash["name"]
Dir.chdir(RAILS_BENCH_DIR) do
csystem "rvm use #{rvm_ruby_name} && gem install bundler && bundle", "Couldn't install bundler or RRB gems in #{RAILS_BENCH_DIR} for Ruby #{rvm_ruby_name.inspect}!", :bash => true
# In Ruby 2.6.0preview3 and later, Bundler is installed as part of Ruby. Check if that's true.
bundle_path = last_line_with_ruby("which bundle", rvm_ruby_name)
ruby_path = last_line_with_ruby("which ruby", rvm_ruby_name)
builtin_bundler_path = ruby_path.sub(/ruby$/, "bundle") # Check path where built-into-Ruby bundler would be
puts "Checking bundler path: #{bundle_path.inspect}"
if !bundle_path || bundle_path == ''
# Okay, so no Bundler is in the path yet
puts "Checking builtin bundler path: #{builtin_bundler_path.inspect}"
if File.exist?(builtin_bundler_path)
# Bundler is built-in but not in the path. RVM may not support it yet.
rvm_irb_path = last_line_with_ruby("which irb", rvm_ruby_name)
rvm_bundler_stub = rvm_irb_path.sub(/irb$/, "bundle")
puts "Checking stub: #{rvm_bundler_stub.inspect} / #{File.exist?(rvm_bundler_stub)}"
if File.exist?(rvm_bundler_stub)
raise "RVM Bundler stub (#{rvm_bundler_stub.inspect}) exists but it's not in the path! Wait, what?"
# RVM presumably doesn't support "bundle" as a stub yet. Create it.
csystem "ln -s #{builtin_bundler_path} #{rvm_bundler_stub}"
# No built-in Bundler, no Bundler in the path. Install the gem.
puts "No builtin, installing the gem"
csystem "rvm use #{rvm_ruby_name} && gem install bundler", "Couldn't install Bundler in #{RAILS_BENCH_DIR} for Ruby #{rvm_ruby_name.inspect}!", :bash => true
which_bundle = last_line_with_ruby("which bundle", rvm_ruby_name)
puts "Fell through, trying to run bundle. #{which_bundle.inspect}"
csystem "rvm use #{rvm_ruby_name} && bundle", "Couldn't install RRB gems in #{RAILS_BENCH_DIR} for Ruby #{rvm_ruby_name.inspect}!", :bash => true
puts "Create benchmark_ruby_versions.txt"

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