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import optparse
from subprocess import call
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
__version__ = 1
class Controller(object):
"""Brings together commands from config"""
def __init__(self,
file = "config.ini",
section = "CommandMapper"):
self.file = file
self.section = section
def read_options_commands(self, section=None):
Returns a list of options and commands defined
in config file.
if section:
self.section = section
cmd_list = {}
config = ConfigParser()
options = config.options(self.section)
#build the map of the config file
for option in options:
cmd = config.get(self.section, option)
cmd_list[option] = cmd
return cmd_list
def application_root(self):
path_map = self.read_options_commands(section="ApplicationRoot")
return path_map["path"]
def run(self):
description_message = """
A commandline tool mapper
p = optparse.OptionParser(description=description_message,
version='adapt %s' % __version__,
usage= '%prog [options]')
cmd_list = self.read_options_commands().items()
for option, cmd in cmd_list:
p.add_option("--%s" % option,
action = "store_true",
default = False)
#dynamically generate cmds and call them
options, arguments = p.parse_args()
for key, value in cmd_list:
if getattr(options, key):
ret = call(value, shell=True)
def main():
"""Runs everything"""
c = Controller()
if __name__ == "__main__":