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Fetch Repositories From Github
import os
from github import Github
import git
from git import GitCommandError
from sensible.loginit import logger
log = logger("devml")
def auth_github(oath_token):
ghub = Github(oath_token)
return ghub
def get_org(oath_token, org):
ghub = auth_github(oath_token)
org = ghub.get_organization(org)
return org
def org_repo_names(oath_token, org):
""""Get Repos for a Github Organization"""
repos = {}
ghub = get_org(oath_token, org)
github_repos = ghub.get_repos()
count = 0
for repo in github_repos:
count += 1
repo_name =
repo_path = "" % (org,
log_msg = "Found Repo # %s REPO NAME: %s , URL: %s " %\
(count, repo_name, repo_path)
repos[repo_name] = repo_path
return repos
def clone_remote_repo(name, url, dest, branch="master"):
path = os.path.join(dest, name) #create fully qualified path
repo = git.Repo.clone_from(url, path, branch=branch)
return repo
def validate_checkout_root(path):
"""Checks to see if checkout path has been created"""
if os.path.exists(path):
log_msg_warning = "Checkout Root Path Already Exists: %s" % path
return False
log_msg_success = "Creating Checkout Root: %s" % path
return True
def clone_org_repos(oath_token, org, dest, branch="master"):
"""Clone All Organizations Repositories and Return Instances of Repos.
if not validate_checkout_root(dest):
return False
repo_instances = []
repos = org_repo_names(oath_token, org)
count = 0
for name, url in list(repos.items()):
count += 1
log_msg = "Cloning Repo # %s REPO NAME: %s , URL: %s " %\
(count, name, url)
repo = clone_remote_repo(name, url, dest, branch=branch)
except GitCommandError:
log.exception("NO MASTER BRANCH...SKIPPING")
return repo_instances
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