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"""Google Cloud Function
To invoke via the command-line:
gcloud functions call changemachine --data '{"amount":"1.34"}'
To invoke via curl
curl -d '{
}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST <trigger>/function-3
import json
def hello_world(request):
request_json = request.get_json()
print(f"This is my payload: {request_json}")
if request_json and "amount" in request_json:
raw_amount = request_json["amount"]
print(f"This is my amount: {raw_amount}")
amount = float(raw_amount)
print(f"This is my float amount: {amount}")
res = []
coins = [1, 5, 10, 25]
coin_lookup = {25: "quarters", 10: "dimes", 5: "nickels", 1: "pennies"}
coin = coins.pop()
num, rem = divmod(int(amount * 100), coin)
res.append({num: coin_lookup[coin]})
while rem > 0:
coin = coins.pop()
num, rem = divmod(rem, coin)
if num:
if coin in coin_lookup:
res.append({num: coin_lookup[coin]})
result = f"This is the res: {res}"
return result