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* [Getting started](
* [Getting help](
+ * [Why not Graphite?](
* [About: Datatypes](
* [About: Persistence](
* [About: Performance](
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+# Why not use Graphite and Etsy's Statsd implementation?
+Graphite and etsy's version of statsd are both excellent pieces of software,
+with active and vibrant communities. They're well maintained, well architected,
+and widely used.
+So why did we make batsd (and the three distinct predecessor versions)?
+There are a few reasons:
+1) **Lingua Franca**. 37signals (not surprisingly) primarily uses Ruby.
+Our apps are written in Ruby, the configuration management system we use
+has a Ruby DSL, and we collectively have over a hundred years worth of
+experience in Ruby. We've done a small amount with Node.js as an
+organization (which Etsy's version of statsd is written in), but
+nothing really with Python or Django (which graphite is written in).
+Both are great languages, but we're comparative novices in those
+languages. We used etsy's statsd and graphite briefly, and found
+ourselves in a whole world of new dependencies, Chef cookbooks,
+and ways of running apps.
+We want to be comfortable with our tools and be able to read, understand,
+and modify the source of those tools so that they aren't black box
+dependencies. We could learn, but it's not what we know.
+2) **We weren't going to use graphite's UI much**. One of the great things
+about Graphite is it's interface, but we knew from the start we weren't
+going to end up using it much. We have upwards of a dozen distinct data
+repositories (statsd, MySQL, third party APIs, etc. ), and we knew we
+wanted to be able to compare and analyze them in a common UI anyway.
+We developed our own tool called "Flyash" (a play on "Graphite") to
+accomplish this that's similar in many ways to Graphite (we'll release this
+eventually), so we weren't going to benefit from one of the best parts
+of Graphite anyway.
+3) **It looked like it would be easy**. Looks can be deceiving. In all
+seriousness, it's been a great learning experience and a lot of fun building it.

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