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String Functions as-a-Service.


Three hardest problems of computer science (Tech Startup Interview Edition):

  1. Naming
  2. Cache Invalidation
  3. Reversing a String Recursively

It seems like lots of tech startups are having trouble with strings. Across the nation, startups of all business models and technology platforms are asking their job applicants how to reverse a string recursively or detect a palindrome. What's up with that? You think they'd have all that stuff figured out by now!

Anyway, this little web application provides an interface to several common string functions via a json API - for the web developer on-the-go. Contributions welcome!


Running the Web Server

To start a web server for the application, run the provided script or

lein trampoline ring server-headless

Running the Benchmarks

This project also comes with a Perforate benchmarking suite for each of the stringly.core namespace functions. After modifying these functions, you can benchmark the performance of your changes using the command

lein perf

Running the benchmark can take upwards of 10 or 20 minutes based on the quality of your test machine. Some output from past benchmarks (on an admittedly rather old laptop) are located under benchmarks-hist/.

Also note that a few Clojure functions in stringly.core actually delegate to Java code (to be "close to the metal"), providing interesting comparisons of Java vs. Clojure peformance (Clojure can get pretty close to Java, but it sometimes takes some gnarly, non-idiomatic code).

Continuous Integration

Build Status

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Noah Zucker (nzucker at / @noahlz)