Hosting MobTrib Yourself

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You can easily run it yourself on any web server equiped with PHP 5, but we worked with Apache. Just check out this repository into any path within your web root and you should be good to go. Web host SSL is enabled by default, but this and some other configuration can be changed in the support/config.php file.


  • PHP >= 5.0 (for DomDocument)
  • libcurl + cURL for PHP
  • OpenSSL for PHP (NOTE: OpenSSL is required for the proxy to send login information to Riot Games servers. The http host does not need SSL)


  • expires module for Apache enabled (check your httpd.conf for, allows us to set several behaviors on the offline manifest file from .htaccess)

Easy Hosting Options

There are several PHP-as-a-service hosts available that will allow you to setup a server running MobTrib very quickly. You will need git installed along with any prerequisite tools for interacting with their services.


To use Heroku be sure you create your app on the cedar stack in order to be able to run a PHP app.

$ git clone
$ cd MobileTribunal
$ heroku create my-first-tribunal --stack cedar
$ git remote add heroku
$ git push -f heroku master