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GWJ Userscipts

A collection of scripts for enhancing the forum experience on written by me (Cathadan) and others as credited in each file.

See also: (dark theme for use with Stylish)


All tested and working with the new site design:

  • GWJUserRename.user.js - Make a user on the forums appear to have a different username, just for fun.
  • GWJignore.user.js - Put users on your ignore list to keep their posts from displaying
  • disableEditorShortcuts.user.js - Disable the keyboard shortcuts in the post composition box to avoid the bugs that sometimes insert tags while typing
  • GWJthreadignore.user.js - Put a thread on your ignore list to keep it from appearing in topic lists
  • GWJtoggleSpoilers.user.js - Adds an extra button to the top of each thread page to toggle all spoiler tags on that page
  • GWJembedGifv.user.js - Upgrades the IMAGE() bbcode output to support gifv files from imgur

No longer updated:

  • GWJhidepnc.user.js - Hide all P&C threads (not feasible with the new site design)


  1. Install a userscript extension in your browser. (Greasemonkey for Firefox, Tampermonkey in Chrome)
  2. Browse to the script you want to install.
  3. Click the "Raw" button in the top right.
  4. Your userscript extension should take over and offer to install the script for you.
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