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Latest commit

* Added docker development artifacts

* added more docker docs

* update docker docs

* optimize docker build

* Docker updates, latest Ubuntu

* add pg

* basic nginx

* support env varts for settings

* Splitting nginx image

* Add curl to nginx image

* Running parser in docker, remove 2017

* Use db name from env in docker image

* Force terms to parse

* Found and commented out old semesters for JHU

* restore terms, back to hardcoded for speed for now

* Add back active semesters

* addedFall18FinalExam

* added f18 to config.json

* removed duplicate line, added event key handling to leave timetable_name_input text box

* fixed pre_req parsing

* ran lint, fixed pre req parsing

* removed extra spaces

* removed new lines

* python print statements now show up in docker-compose up

* added dates through Spring 2020, also have it so first thursday of fall semester has a monday schedule the way it should

* fixed Fall18 final exam sched

* removed apikey change

* took away consolelog

* made fixes according to Kristin's comments, fixed spacing and commented on if/else statements

* fixed locations bug in digestor

* fixed tests: lint and new snapshots

* added chrome stable to yml file

* fixed python tests

* trying to match travis node version to local

* Adding babel-core for travis

* match babel-jest to local version

* remove babel-jest as it's in packaes.json, set jest version to match dev dependencies from package

* Remove webpack from travis as it's in packages.json

* Update travis status to point to this repo's build

* add option to add a custom description or announcement page to an agreeement

* js linting

* update snapshots

* more linting

* update banner test to use new fixture

* Removed schools no longer supported from the Splash page

* removed all non-JHU schools from splash page in all three places

* fixed bug that autolocks everything

* fixed dispatch for alertnewtimetable and togglesignupmodal

* fixed lint and addded database port

* updated search bar

* deleted white segment

* centered text

* should be done

* finished bar

* deleted unused imgs

* changed bar classes to ids

* fixed lint

* added social auth redirect flag

* formatted font, hovering outline, and tip drop town button.

* fixed drop down tip / adjusted width of drop down menu

* fixed updating ui

* checked checkmark to green

* Revert "fixed updating ui"

This reverts commit 9613b76.

* added cid to response, used to update entities course reaction

* passing lint and updated tests

* removed else

* reenabled scrollbar and sorted courses by course number level

* updated comments about comparator

* added semester and schedule

* added config.json

* fixed sorting, scrolling with arrow keys works now

* created agreement and edited notice page. still need to do some more

* refactored scrolling code and optimized search

* added a few comments regarding the new scrolling and sorting

* Added support for local SSL using caddy and self-signed certs. You can now access https://sem.y or https://jhu.sem.y - you will need to accept the self-signed certs once.

* Added filtering to caddy to work with local assets, used custom caddy image

* Always use SSL redirects

* added title to agreements

* forgot migrations file

* edited request link and accessing but denied

* removed gender from user model

* forgot migration file

* removed all instances of gender

* added catch for invalid time ranges

* created agreement and edited notice page. still need to do some more

* added title to agreements

* forgot migrations file

* added maintenance page, link to by /maintenance_testing

* need mail credentials

* still need credentials, start new Mailer, template, and script

* final tos, pp, notice

* styled email

* removed filter by term/year

* cleaned up notice and started nonjhu

* made link a hyperlink

* send jhu emails

* add comment

* added school to notice mailer

* updated nonjhu email

* Turn off debug in production

* removed unnecessary changes

* extra comma causing fb login to break

* fixed deleted acc link typo

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