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A simple emacs/git/bash environment that I run from Dropbox so all computers have the latest development environment.

Requires emacs version 24+.


Run make install then add the following to your .bashrc: . ~/.bashrc.d/sugarman/

You can add computer specific bash configurations by editing the file "bash/<hostname>.sh" where <hostname> is the hostname of your computer.

Optional Setup

Fix ispell startup issue

  • brew install Hunspell

Fix package issues

  • run M-x package-list-packages in emacs, then exit.

Optional Mac Terminal Setup

Note: It's suggested you skip these steps by using iTerm2 instead of Terminal.


  • Run ln -s .bashrc .profile so you don't have to type bash every time the terminal starts.
  • iterm2 coloring: copy over 'base16-harmonic-dark' and use base16 harmonic dark emacs theme.
Swap Command_L and Option_L in Terminal
Capslock -> Control

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier keys

^Q -> change terminal tab

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts -> '+' -> select Terminal for the application (Applications/Utilities/Terminal), add 'Show Next Tab' as ^Q and 'Show Previous Tab' as Shift ^Q.